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Fox Business Continues Edgy Hip-Hop/R&B Series

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Only, spoiler alert, it's totally boring. Nothing like the Jermaine Dupri interview and not even in the same league as the 50 Cent spot. As someone who attended a Boyz II Men concert as recently as a few weeks ago, and until then, had a Post-It on my computer reading "Remember to buy Boyz II Men tickets," this was disappointing. And after all the points FB won with the Arabs! We're not going to write them off just yet, but Neil Cavuto needs to think about what he's done. (Dude didn't even act smug or self-satisfied, though we did appreciate it when he said, "You guys look like bankers!" and "I thought the line of fans outside was for me" before LOLing his own joke and ruining it. ) Thanksgiving starts tomorrow, not today, bub. Shape up.