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George Soros: Trading Up (Or At Least Younger)

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Most women we know were quite upset by the widely circulated email responding to a Craig's List ad from a young women looking to marry. The response claimed that women's looks were a depreciating asset, while the financial value of wealthy men increased with age.
Well, ladies, we're sorry to say that the response got some evidential--or at least anecdotal--support today from Page Six. Apparently seventy-seven year old George Soros has traded in his 63 year old wife for a 22 year old Russian playgirl named Marina Zelle (pictured left}. Or, at least, that she is one of the many "young lovelies" he has entertained at his South Hampton Home.
"Sources say the financier and founder of has 'a fondness for girls in their early 20s," Page Six reports.
Actually, we had reports this summer that Soros and Zelle were together at a party at real estate investor turned nouveau socialite Andrew Barrock's Water Mill mansion. But we couldn't confirm they were "together together" so we let the item die. So, you know, maybe?
(Picture credit: New York Social Diary.)
Thinking Young [Page Six]


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