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Goldman Sachs Still Doing The Big Bonus Thing, Boring Lloyd Blankfein To Silent Tears

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Goldman Sachs is set to pay Lloyd Blankfein $75 million in stock and cash this December, $20 million more than he took home last year. How groundbreaking. Seriously, a Goldman employee being paid a ton of money, while Bear Stearns tries to cover up the fact that last week it bounced 15,516 checks at the same time, is utterly revolutionary. Personally, even though he claims not to need our pity, we feel sorry for Blankfein. How boring must it be to come into the office every day, push some papers, twiddle some thumbs and know with the highest degree of certainty that you’re going to get a huge bonus, without fail? Wouldn’t it be more fun, or at least more exhilarating, to be constantly wondering, a) Forget about bonus—will today be the day I get fired? B) If I do get fired, how handsomely will I be rewarded for fucking up so badly? A lot or a little? C) Would it be bad if I laced this big bag of pot with some embalming fluid and smoked the whole thing over lunch? Or bad in a good way? That guy's masking his ennui and we know it.
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