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Greg Fleming Is "Toxic," Says Charlie Gasparino's Spies Stationed Around The Merrill Lynch Water Cooler, 14th Floor Men's Room*

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Also: whoever takes over Merrill, and it'll probably be Blackrock founder Larry Fink, even though he's taking his sweet ass time deciding, is going to cut fixed income by 25 percent (mostly heavily out of the collateralized bond department). Investment banking and equities will remain intact, not taking into account the guys who will sober up long enough to quit for the greener pastures at E*Trade Financial. Sort of related: new guy? Has sort of an Elvis Costello thing going on? Says stuff like "give me the skinny, Charlie"? Do we have any (group) thoughts on him? I like his glasses, Carney thinks they're "just okay." You can go now.
Merrill's Next Top Man [CNBC]
*Let’s see if MER is as sensitive about the issue as BSC.