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Help DealBreaker Ruin Your Holiday Party

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With the passing of Thanksgiving, the fall social season has officially come to a close. Now the holiday season is upon us. For some of you that means Christmas trees, for some of you that means dreidels, for some of you that means [insert something associated with Kwanza here]; and for others [fill in objects related to whatever other religion you practice here]. Yes, this is a divisive time of year.
But take heart, for we can obviously agree that “the holidays” mean one thing to us all—free drinks on our bosses’ dimes (and if you’re lucky, other “things,” too). And since you’re reading DealBreaker, you’re clearly the type of person who gets invited to tantalizingly salacious parties circa December/January, or at least ones with the potential to be so. And in less of a “we’re going to publish pictures that will ruin you, professionally and socially” and in more of a “this is the kind of party that no one will be able to remember in the morning unless there’s photographic evidence of its awesomeness,” we think you should totally send invites to any and all of these events to us at tips at dealbreaker dot com. (Use the subject line: “Holiday Party.”)
What’s in it for you? Two words: Bess Levin. We’ll be sending her to as many of these parties as her liver, brain and our insurance premiums can handle. And don’t worry about possible law-related problems, as her driver’s license informs us that she’s legal to drink. But just barely.
So send us the invites, or at least the time, place and manner. As always, the identities of all tipsters will be kept in strictest confidence.