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How DARE You

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We might give Citigroup a lot of shit for being the world's crappiest bank but that's just our way of showing affection. Because in truth, most days we really love Citi, today being no exception. Even though it has no CEO, no wiling candidates for CEO, no money, no women, no prospects, no action and no conceivable reasons at all for even getting up in the morning, Citigroup was reportedly downright offended to get a call from a prominent investment banker suggesting that perhaps it'd like to merge with Bank of America. Us? the world's crappiest bank, merge with Bank of America? Where the hell do you get off even thinking something like that? The board apparently called the approach (to say nothing of the actual proposition) "totally out of hand" and then looked around at its buddies as if to say, "You believe this guy?"
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