Jim Cramer's Big PartyMad Money Motor Mouth Signs New Deal With CNBC


Last night the doors of the meatpacking district's Lotus opened up for a party in honor of Jim Cramer's new book, "Stay Mad For Life."
The party was hosted by CNBC President Mark Hoffman. During a speech introducing Cramer, Hoffman noted CNBC was just completing their highest rated November since 2000.(Volatility is good for financial news networks.) He also mentioned that Cramer had signed a new, multi-year deal with the network. Media Bistro's TVNewser reveals that Hoffman also mentioned that he had heard a "big storm" was coming on October 15, the date Fox Business launched, but that CNBC hasn't "had to move the thermostat at all."
TV Newser continues: The veiled shots at Fox Business continued when Cramer took the mic. After calling CNBC the "most exciting, gratifying and rewarding place to work," he acknowledged, although not by name, Fox Biz and his intention to "wipe the floor with them." And for those who jump ship to the competition? "Anyone who goes over there...we're not friends," Cramer said to cheers and laughter from the crowd.
Asked for a response, an FBN spokesperson said, "Doesn't Jim need ratings first before wiping the floor with us?"

A host of CNBC types attended the party, including Cramer's stop trading partner "Erin Burnett." (Related: anyone else notice how good she looks in that low-cut red number she's sporting today?) We kind of suspect Cramer is afraid of Bess--something about her love for our bobble-head version of him or calling his nephew Cliff Mason inept when it comes to ladies--so we weren't terribly surprised no-one invited us.
Incidentally: Lotus is still open? Who knew? We haven't even thought about that place for at least two years. Probably three.
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