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Job of The Week: Snowballs, Snowblades and CDOs.

With bonuses reportedly cratering and new layoffs being announced daily, maybe it’s time you started looking around for a new job. Where to start? The DealBreaker Career Center, of course. Job listings are updated daily and each week we bring a couple to your attention. This week we focus on emerging markets.
Why emerging markets? Well, because the emerged markets are looking like they are going to suck for quite a while. Meanwhile, developing countries account for 52% of global GDP growth. They are much less dependent on continued growth here, and so this might be a sweet spot to ride out the storm.
Here are two ideas:
•Do you know what TARNS, Snowballs and Snowblades are? If so, an investment bank has just the job for you on its emerging markets desk. They are looking for someone with at least five years experience in risk management.
•So maybe the market in CDOs has been having some trouble here. Why not start looking at emerging market CDOs? An Greenwich based firm is looking for a candidate with extensive knowledge of CDO sell-side structuring with a bit of emerging market know-how on the side. Get on it!
There are many, many more in the Career Center. Get it done!