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Job Of The Week: Who Wants To Run A Prop Trading Desk?

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We like to end every week with something for our readers—namely a job offering. So we spend part of the afternoon combing through our Career Center in search of the most interesting jobs. There are dozens to choose from, all categorized according to specialization. Hedge fund jobs? Yep, we’ve got those. Commodities work? You know those guys are hiring. Risk management? Who on the Street isn’t looking to improve their risk management teams? And we haven’t forgotten to include old-fashioned, plain vanilla investment banking. If you’re worried about layoffs or think your bonus might not be up to snuff this year, you might want to check out these offerings.
For our job of the week, we’ve selected something for those of you who have been toiling away for the street for years. A top tier bank is looking for a senior member of it’s management committee to start up a credit trading operation. Currently, they have no credit trading operation in place. They want someone with at least eight years of experience in fixed income trading. This is your shot at the big time. Get it done.
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