JPMorgan Appoints Risk Manager, Citigroup Asks, "What's A Risk Manager?"


JPMorgan has named Barry Zubrow chief risk officer, the bank announced today. It's a job no one's done in almost a year, since Don Wilson retired, which would be hilarious if we were talking about Merrill or any of the other shit for brains banks on the street, but we're not. I guess the only funny thing to say is that the new guy's name reminds me of Barry Zuckercorn, who I am more or less dying to run a pic of with this post but won't, because I see things to their completion. Speaking of people whose faces I'm jumping out of my skin to put on the site, Bar was an adviser to Jon Corzine when the big guy worked at Goldman Sachs. That wasn't an attempt to inject more hilarity into this racket, just a bit of info that warms my heart of stone, and and the game-winning answer to tomorrow's trivia night. (You and your teammates can thank me later.)
JPMorgan Appoints Barry Zubrow as Chief Risk Officer [Bloomberg]