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Jury To Decide If Epstein Knowingly Touched Underage Girls Who Were Monetarily Compensated For Their Time

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While he may be a fan of it, Jeffrey Epstein is no pussy. Radar hears that the lover o’ massages, charged with solicitation of underage prostitutes, has chosen forgo the plea bargain arranged by Ken Starr that would’ve sent him away for 18 months and not made him register as a sex offender. Instead, a jury trial that’s sure to bring lots of new evidence to the table (but what, though? The mind explodes with possibilities) is scheduled for January 7 at 9 am. Sadly, this update has nothing to do with possible transsexual Maximilia/n Cordero, but perhaps it was his/her balls that inspired Epstein to grow a pair and take a chance.
Epstein Shrinks from Plea Bargain [Radar]