Maria Bartiromo's Star Spangled Review


At the Reuters Finance Summit today, former Citigroup CFO and current Headwaters Capital boss Todd Thomson said his relationship with CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo was entirely appropriate and described her as being “a terrific asset” to his business at Citi. He also said that she is “a rock star.” But you know CEOs and CFOs and former CFOs—they’re always saying something that’s code for something else. The metaphors and euphemisms and persuasive strategies make it all very difficult to determine what’s actually being said. (“This is not a rescue”—David Vinair, “We have a great organization, which, despite this event, remains a great organization”—Jeff Edwards, “I’m high on life”—James Cayne.) But maybe we’re just cynical assholes, prone to skepticism. So we’re going to do this the democratic way, and then we’ll decide:

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Thomson says Money Honey a “rock star”, his ties appropriate [Reuters]