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Merrill Lynch Can't Stop, Won't Stop Dissing Stan O'Neal

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Dow Jones’s Evelyn Juan reports that Winthrop Smith Jr., son of the Merrill Lynch founding partner of the same name, is planning a little party next month for firm alums in New York. Mostly because he’s spent the last couple of years holed up in Vermont (running Sugarbush) and “really, really needs to get out” but also because it’s time to start reminiscing about the days when Merrill still gave out bonuses and wasn’t a stupendous failure. John Thain’s been invited, as has most of Citi (in order to make the MER guests look good), but guess who’s name is decidedly not on the list? Starts with an ‘S’, ends with a ‘tanley O’neal’ (also: starts with a ‘t,’ ends with an ‘ech sector,’ and a ‘J,’ ‘ohn Carney,’ though he plans on crashing and I may even come with, because I love the Time Square Doubletree). The burn isn’t really that surprising, considering that Stan got the job Smith wanted, but it nonetheless chafes, according to a receptionist from the office of O’Neal proctologist, who violated a host of ethics rules when she snuck a peak at his chart and called us with the results. Stan is said to be planning his own Merrill reunion for the same night, to be held in the office space the board’s letting him use for the next 3 years. Who will go where? We guess it really comes down to a matter of preference—Smith will have a piñata, Stan will be jumping out of a cake naked and serving Chex MixTM. Which one would you attend?