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NY AG Office Suit v. Grasso Still Firing On All 2 Cylinders

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You probably forgot about that 2004 Spitzer suit against Dick Grasso, which is (still!) trying to take more than half of the former NYSE chief’s $190 million compensation back (because it supposedly violates state law for non-profits) but we bet you can guess who hasn’t. [Game show announcer voice] Charlie Gasparino, come on down! The CNBC reporter has a book out today called “King of the Club—Richard Grasso and the Survival of the New York Stock Exchange” filled with all sorts of details surrounding the case that you’ve been dying to read about (the adversity Grasso has had to overcome as a person with such a tiny head and almost obscenely pointy ears, the fact that this whole thing is the escalation of a petty argument started in a men’s room back in 1989, when Spitzer asked Grasso to move one urinal down—they were the only ones in there, why did Grasso need to use one right next to him?—and Grasso refused) and then maybe some you never asked for? Like the fact that Grasso might have a “love child” with a woman named Karen Ross (no relation to Brushstrokes Bob, some to Diana), his “best friend growing up”? Anyway. Guess our point is-- if the Neptune Beach Club had had urinal dividers back in the day, this whole thing (the lawsuit, the book, this post) never would've come to pass. And what a tragedy that would've been.
Spitz Suspected Grasso Affair [NYP]