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One Of These Things Has Retained Its Dignity

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This is from the other day but, uh, perhaps there are one or two of you out there who don't regularly watch Fox Business's (fingers crossed) Emmy Award-winning "Happy Hour," produced at the Waldorf's Bull & Bear. I came across this segment while searching for a piece someone told me the show did yesterday on particle theory. But before I could find it, my eyes landed on this one, entitled, "Teenage NASCAR." Who among us would be able to resist? None, myself included. Cody and Rebecca interview 17-year-old Joey Logano about the financial component of racing and what it's like to be NASCAR jailbait (they also get him absolutely shitfaced and then request a spin in his 750 horsepower racing machine, which is just good TV). That's not what I want you to focus on though. I want you to focus on Cody's jacket. Watch it like you've never watched a jacket before. Watch it with the sound on, watch it with the sound off. Watch it on a boat, watch it with a goat. Watch it in the rain, watch it on a train. Watch it in a box, watch it with a fox. Watch it in a house, watch it with a mouse. Then start a letter writing campaign to Fox Business, petitioning that Cody Willard has to wear that jacket on every network appearance for the remainder of his contract. Then take a gander at this thing, which is equally mind-blowing and worthy of your time. You'll want to plug your headphones in.
Teenage NASCAR Sensation [Fox Business]