Prince Alwaleed Not Wasting Any Time


Chuck Prince’s body is still warm and Prince Alwaleed is already out there, trolling for a new best friend, the bitch. The Saudi Prince and single largest Citi shareholder, who just last week unceremoniously dumped Chuck for reasons not made public, has reportedly purchased a “VIP version” of Airbus’s A380 superjumbo, in an effort to “reel in [his] next catch.” (The ladies/bank heads do love themselves some aviation porn.) The aircraft features 5,930 square feet of useable floor space, and will supposedly be outfitted with a rotating dance floor meant to showcase Alwaleed’s recently cultivated ballroom dancing skills to one lucky passenger. Sources close to the matter tell DealBreaker that Chuck is beside himself with the news, considering that it was on an older Airbus that Alwaleed first woo’d the ex-CEO, and because it’s another cruel reminder of the fact that he’ll now be flying commercial. It’s rumored that interim Citigroup chief executive, Sir Win Bischoff, has already been offered an advanced invitation to board the jet with Alwaleed “whenever,” which just seems tacky.
Saudi Prince Alwaleed Buys a Private A380 [CNBC]


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