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Ripping Your Heart Out And Smashing It Into Billions Of Pieces: Sandy Weill Will Not Return To Citigroup

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SO FORGET THAT, SHAREHOLDERS, EMPLOYEES, CITIGROUPIES AT LARGE, because we know you've all been dying for it to happen. Well, it's not so MOVE ON. (Incidentally, we're not suggesting that Sanford and Alan Greenspan get together and form a support group for people who think the organizations they used to work at are sitting around waiting for their heroes to walk back through the door (standing up only to light candles at respective shrines each week for regularly scheduled Friday night vigils) and take over what couldn't possibly function without them, but if they wanted to, there wouldn't be any objections from us.)
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Sandy Weill Is Looking For Work

The former Citigroup CEO has stepped down from his latest gig.