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Scots Take The Wind Out Of Trump's Hair

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Donald Trump's $2 billion proposal to build "the world's greatest golf course" in Scotland, the home of his ancestors, has been shot down. Councilor Martin Ford, who cast the deciding vote against the 15-mile construction of two 18-hole golf courses, 950 apartments, 500 homes and a 450-room luxury hotel, said the wildlife damage it would cost would be "too high a price to pay," though Trump claims that the area would "maintain its environmental integrity." In one of those rare moments that you couldn't say, "Wow, what an unjustifiably smug twat, he's clearly only gotten this far on his looks," Trump admitted that he was "surprised and disappointed." Thank god he had the good sense to add, "The appeal should go rather quickly and successfully...This is what I do all my life. In the end it works out because I do succeed." In other news, who knew Trump was Scottish? I certainly didn't. Seriously, some days I am too stupid to function. Other days, no joke, I'm a fucking genius.
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