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So Uncool

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We at my apartment (so me and Marissa) have heard that the invasion of employee privacy by Wall Street firms has taken a bold step forward: hacking into employee Facebook accounts. According to a sometimes reliable, sometimes not source, the human relations department at a certain investment bank has been using creative technology to get into the profiles of current (and prospective) minions, to monitor their off (and on) the clock activities. This is bull shit and I'll tell you why: it would be one thing, if you and those with the power to get you fired willingly entered into a Facebook friendship, thereby granting them full-access to see what's a-poppin' in your personal life whenever they pleased. But this means that someone who doesn't even have the bedside manner to ask "You wanna do this" first, or worse, someone whose online friendship you've formally said no thanks to, can see that you've added "Boiler Room" to your favorite movies (sheep) and changed your status from "Billy is working at Bear Stearns" to "Billy is getting a public citation for having relieved himself on the sidewalk in front of Bear Stearns which he wouldn't have had to do in the first place if those FUCKS hadn't fired him." Anyway, try and guess which firm we're talking about via Facebook message (thereby granting me access to see your profile for one week even if we're not friends) and I will respond shortly.