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Stephen Schwarzman: "Private Equity Is Misunderstood And So Am I" [whispering] "The Only People Who Truly Get Me Are My Crabs"

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At a conference hosted by the Confederation of British Industry yesterday, a visibly shaking Stephen Schwarzman said that private equity is "a force for good" whose only goal is to help the children. Then he bemoaned the fact that his industry is seen as a "destructive force with a short-term perspective, levering companies and stripping their assets to enrich a few nasty people (like me), who then don't even pay taxes on all that they get in such an unsavory manner," just before yelling "good bye, cruel world" and throwing himself off a second-story balcony. (Schwarzman also offered this rave review of himself, courtesy of his own family, on the way down: “My wife and children were not ashamed to have me sit with them at the Thanksgiving table on Thursday.” You know what? Sold. I don't even know what he's selling, but sold.)
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