The Bloomberg Office

Remember that party we didn't go to? You know, the Financial Writers Association's "Financial Follies." Well, apparently this parody of "the Office" was part of the activities. It's vaguely funny, and relatively well produced. Oh, and it comes from the people who make that Bloomberg terminal on your desk.
PS: Last night we were sitting in the same bar we always sit in, Tom & Jerrys on Elizabeth Street, when we noticed the girls next to us were talking about "Clerks." At first we were excited because girls aren't usually huge fans of the movie. But we quickly realized the girls were talking about friends who were clerking for judges. In short, they were lawyers.
"Are you two lawyers?" we asked.
"No," the girl with the short hair and oddly attractive smile lied. Eventually she half-recanted and told us that her friend was a lawyer. In truth, both of them were.
"Do you always lie when asked about being a lawyer?" we asked.
"No. Just to you." She probably thought that was funny. We just thought it was sad that her life as a lawyer had left her so bitter.
So. Anyway. We totally had a point when we began telling this story. What was it? Oh, right. Here it is: the girl with the longer hair was a lawyer but she doesn't practice anymore. These days she works for Bloomberg. So there you go.