Trendspotting: Alarming Number Of C.E.O.'s Not Making Plans For Who Will Get Their Office When They Get Fired


The Wall Street Journal's Carol Hymowitz reports this morning that today's CEOs are devoting far too much time to actually failing at their jobs and not enough to determining who will get to be CEO next when those failures are made public, and they get canned. According to Hymowitz, "Chief execs are too busy focussing on the shit of the present so that when new shit comes to light, their companies are shit out of luck." I think-- I think but I'm not sure-- she might be referring to Chuck Prince/Citigroup and Stan O'Neal/Merrill Lynch. She's obviously not talking about Jimmy Cayne/Bear Stearns, because Big C spent at least an hour last Tuesday afternoon coming up with a few options for what BSC should do in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, Cayne couldn't choose one ("I can't decide, I love them all. It would be like asking me to choose between White Widow and Northern Lights-- impossible.") and in a voicemail he probably regrets leaving, asked us to "put it to the DealBreaker audience." So:

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Too Many Companies Lack Succession Plans, Wasting Time, Talent [WSJ]
(NB: Apparently Vizu doesn't let you use "motherfucker" in its polls. You know I'd never choose to use *s out of my own volition. )