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Vote Or Die

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So some banks are so poor now that they can't even afford to pay for your Blackberrys and there's a chance RIM might even go out of business as a result and I feel for you, I really do, but you know how it is...not so bad for DealBreaker, not so bad for Bess. What I'm getting at is that our publisher has decided I need to be able to check in with the tips line more frequently because you never know when Citigroup's going to announce a 350 billion dollar writedown or Jim'll want to get high and he (our publisher, but Jim, too) just really feels that I need to be accessible at all times in more ways than currently offered by my Razr. (This whole thing actually would've been a lot more satisfying if it had played out more like "Hey, Bessiecakes,* a busy and important person like you needs a wireless handheld device that allows you to check your e-mail and browse the Web for unique and interesting Craigslist postings (FOR THE PURPOSES WRITE-OFFS) whenever/wherever" than "Can I have a Blackberry?" "Yeah, sure," but whatever, I don't care. I really don't.)
Only thing is, I can't decide which one to get. (Obviously I've ruled out a Sidekick, because I'm neither a 14 year-old girl nor a 'mo of any age (not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just not) and the Treo, because (in my mind only) I'm not a loser). You people know Blackberrys and you've made it this far (down the post) anyway, so I just thought, how about a poll? And here we are. I have a few notes, which aren't intended to inform your pick, just things to keep in mind: The Curve strikes me as very soccer mom, but I don't know, maybe I should run with that? I like the weight of the 8700, but prefer the look of the 8800 (in black). I've more or less rejected the Pearl out of hand because it's called the Pearl but I'm trying to step outside my comfort zone in all aspects of life and one might say that this would be a good place to start (though I'm asking as a friend: please don't). I'm not going to include the 7130 because I know some people won't be able to help themselves from voting for it simply because I think it's a hideous eyesore and wouldn't that be hilarious. But if there's anyone out there with strong feelings for the model, please share. Alright, so you pick one for me now, and later, we'll help Carney decide which finish he should use for his head shots (I say matte, he's holding out for high gloss).
*in this scenario Keith, who's the only one who calls me that, still works at DB.

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And as a thank-you for your participation, I give you: George Shea.