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Wall Street Thanksgiving: Grateful Commodities Traders, Fearful Bond Traders

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We totally came up with a great turkey terminating holiday oriented piece to run today. The idea was that we would call all the big shots on Wall Street—or at least their flacks—and ask what they were grateful for this year. It could be funny. It could be touching. It could totally fill up space on a day where our thoughts are really about getting out of the office early.
And then the idea got even better. We'd also do some man on the street interviews to ask the common man—or at least the common investment banker—what he's grateful for this year. Maybe Bess could snap some pictures.
And what about their families? Maybe the wives of private equity honchos are grateful that their husbands are home much more now. Or maybe they worry about being able to buy more stuff at Christmas and what happens to New Year's in the Alps?
And you know what happened next? That's right. The whole project just seemed overwhelming. Wasn't the point of this thing to create some entertaining filler on the day before Thanksgiving? How did it go so wrong? Why did it suddenly seem to require so much work?
So we totally came up with a better idea. We want your answers. You people are funnier than at least half the team at DealBreaker anyway. So what are the inhabitants of the world of Wall Street grateful for this year? Leave you answer in the comments section.