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Warren Buffett: Chief Lobbyist For The Insurance Industry

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Old man Buffett gets a lot of credit for arguing in favor of the estate tax. We’ve never been able to figure that one out, though. He’s already exempted most of his wealth from the tax by donating it to a charity run by his buddy, Bill Gates. And even if you taxed his estate at a rate of 90%, his progeny would still be wealthy. He’s got enough money that he basically doesn’t have to care about taxes.
Not everyone is so fortunate. Although few inheritances are actually subject to the estate tax, millions are spent to avoid it. And a good amount of that is spent in ways that help make Warren Buffett even richer. You see, old Buffett is not exactly a disinterested party in the estate tax debate, and his advocacy of the tax is not exactly a selfless sacrifice. Because he is invested heavily in the insurance industry, he stands to lose a lot of dough if the estate tax every got repealed.
Tim Carney (who is the brother of one of our editors) explains how the insurance industry is lobbying like crazy to preserve the estate tax. Buffett is the industry’s most prominent lobbyist.
Death tax is a lifeline for insurance industry [Washington Examiner]