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We've Got A Couple of Questions For You.

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Every now and then we like to ask our readers some questions about themselves. We think this helps us chart our editorial course so that we’re you providing the most useful news, salacious rumors, irresponsibly sourced items and contentious ranting. But even more than helping with our editorial direction, it helps our advertisers decide whether we have the kind of audience that might be interested in buying their products.
Sometimes our readers are shocked we’d engage in radical commercial activity such as helping advertisers learn more about our readers. They demand to know why they should help us do anything so terrible as sell ads. Well, the simple reason is that you should help us because this is how we make money. The site is totally free of charge; our bills are paid by our advertisers. Without these ads—and without your help selling them by filling out these rare, brief and anonymous surveys—we would simply cease to exist. Bess Levin would have to get a real job. The other editors would simply fade away into unemployment, gin-mills and the charity of girls with too much money and poor judgment.
Today’s reader survey is particularly short. We want to know your answer to two whole questions. Go ahead and take the survey, please.
Reader Survey [DealBreaker]