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What Pushed Bear Stearns Over The Edge?

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By now it’s been confirmed that Bear Stearns is enforcing martial law on its employees’ ability to access the subversive information found at Wall Street tabloid At one point earlier in the year, a unit at Merrill Lynch had imposed the same fascist policy, but later reconsidered the wisdom of having its traders work with less information (about Jeffrey Epstein’s predilection for transsexuals) rather than more (which could be directly related to the firm’s recent money troubles). We’re told, by people who think they know, that despite what I promise will be our best efforts to publicly shame Bear into unblocking DB, the firm will never lift the ban. Fine, whatever, we’re still going to try (lot of time on our hands at the DB HQs). First, though, let’s get to the root of the issue:

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