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Bonus Watch: The View From The Top Of Lehman Is Three Point Five Times As Nice

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Although bonus fears plague much of Wall Street these days—the part that isn’t too terrified of being laid-off to worry about their bonus—Lehman chief executive and chairman Dick Fuld did not get any coal in his stocking this year. As we mentioned in yesterday's Opening Bell, the top man got a stock grant valued at $35 million. This represents a 350 percent jump over last years $10 million bonus.
But what we’re really interested is the broader bonus pool. Send the latest rumors to
Lehman CEO Receives Stock Grant of $35 Million [Wall Street Journal]


Here's the Three Top Traders Under 30

Before the financial crisis, young Wall Street hot shots used to clamor to get named in Trader Monthly’s "Top Traders Under 30." Trader Monthly has been relegated to the dustbin of failed financial publications, but Wall Street Cheat Sheet decided to spend the last 8 months finding the top 3 traders under 30 and anoint them the new BSDs of finance. Their raw talent is compared to that of pro ball players Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and LaBron James.