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Breaking: Best Part Of Dead Hedge Fund Manager Story-- The Fact That The Deceased Had A Boyfriend Named Tiger-- May Be Untrue (They Might Have Just Gone To The Tracks)

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Here's one you (Random Banker) might like-- Seth Tobias's alleged erstwhile boyfriend-- alleged by alleged personal assistant-cum-gay pimp Billy Ash AKA Mr. Madam-- may not have been Seth Tobias's bf at all. Speaking to the New York Daily News after having been forwarded the Times' story last week by the author himself with the note, "Let me know what you think," Tiger, whose real name is Christopher Dauenhauer said that while he's flattered to have his and his club's named mentioned in the story, he's pretty sure he never met Mr. Tobias, unless it was in during a private show in a dark room, in which case, he may've met a lot of hedge fund managers he can't recall (Larry Robbins, Dan Loeb). Tiger, who's really much more of a Tiger than a Chris, says that while he really has zero connection to the case, and was "at work in Nevada" at the time of death, he can understand the confusion. "This guy may have had a fantasy about me...maybe during one of his drug binges, he got into this frame of mind where he built our [a supposed] meeting into a relationship...or maybe he'd seen one of my videos [like "Roar of the Tiger"]." And that all makes sense. But now that you mention it? Tiger says that actually he and Tobias "probably" had sex and there's a good chance Tobias "may have been this one guy I went with to the horse races." Anyway. Cupid's management tells us off the record that the Times has booked a room for the week to get to the bottom of this, so sit tight.
Gay porn star comes clean about link to murdered hedge funder Seth Tobias [NYDN]


A Hedge Fund Trader Named "Baby Arm" Knew It Was All Over After Hearing The Tracks To "The Good Ship Galleon"

As some of you may recall, the day after Galleon Group founder Raj Rajartnam was indicted on insider trading charges, the Post dug up a rap song that had been recorded years earlier called the Good Ship Galleon, commissioned, of course, by party animal Raj Rajaratnam. All we knew at the time was that the artists featured in the ditty went by the names Jesse Jaymes and Cleveland D, but not why this happened or the creative process that went into producing the tune. Lucky for us, Wall Street memoirist and Galleon alum Turney Duff happens to be on a first name basis with Cleveland D because he is Cleveland D, as we find out in Chapter 8 of The Buy Side. Sayeth Mr D: