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Chuck Prince Is Loving This

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Deutsche Bank CEO Josef “Chuckles” Ackermann, seen here being a very naughty boy and trying to get German chancellor Angela Merkel to laugh during an important press conference (which he successfully accomplished right after this picture was taken, by putting a Pez dispenser on her thigh), has added himself to the growing list of people who would rather be shot in the forehead with a cattle gun than be chief executive of Citigroup. Ackermann told friends and family that his reasoning was twofold: 1. Not enough opportunities for “Hitler Humor” and 2. Piss-poor marketing materials out of Citi Private Bank compared to DBA.B.
To date, 382,744 people have turned down offers from the board, including, most notably James Cayne. JC apparently lost all interest in the job when he was told he would not be allowed to dismantle the smoke detector in his office.
Deutsche: Nein [NYP]