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Citadel Denies Bank Of America Deal From Behind A Veil Of Anonymity

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So after the New York Post reported this morning that Citadel Investment Group had taken a look at Bank of America’s prime brokerage unit, Citdadel attempted to throw cold water on the story by denying it was in negotiations to buy the unit.
But don’t take this denial at face value. The Post reported this morning that Citadel "has recently inspected the books of BofA's prime brokerage business.” And the Citadel denial consisted of the statement that it is “not negotiating to buy” to buy the business. Which doesn’t mean they didn’t look at the books, consider buying it, have talks about buying it or even begin negotiating. Essentially, all the said was that they are not currently in negotiations.
What’s more, the denial comes from an anonymous source at Citadel. The spokeswoman, Katie Spring, declined to comment on the record. If there was nothing at all to the story, why wouldn’t Miss Spring deny it on the record? Bank of America also wouldn’t comment, which means they also haven’t denied shopping the prime brokerage or giving Citadel a look at their books.
None of this means that Citadel is buying the prime brokerage. But it does make the denial a little less plausible. Instead of “throwing cold water” on the Post’s story, it throws some smoke at it.
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