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DB Editor Prefers Scores To MePa Club, Shitty ML Party

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Last night after an important meeting, a source made me and Carney go to an ML fixed income holiday situation, which sucked...then he made us go to a no-words-for-it-bad-but-worse-than-the-holocaust-is-a-start club in the meat packing district that I ended up ditching them at (forgetting, rather idiotically, to ask JC for some cash, meaning I got to walk from 29th and 10th to 33rd and Park when it was -10 degrees out, which, if you haven't tried it, is delightful). Prior to that, though, someone gave the driver the wrong address and we ended up outside of Scores...thinking to myself that I'd rather go there than nightlife equivalent of a catheter with spikes, I asked 3 of the bouncers, "What's the crowd like tonight?"...two of them were like "great crowd, great crowd, come in," but one just sort of mumbled "great crowd" with an attitude and didn't make eye contact, which I took issue with. You probably don't know this, on account of my never having shared it before, but people who don't make eye contact seriously piss me off. So I said, as we walked away, "Next time make eye contact, maybe you would've made the sale." I think I made a real impact on him. In retrospect, I should've added, "fat boy," but what can you do. If you found this post to be a phenomenal waste of your time, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the DB headquarters, and I'll mail you back 5 dollars. Quick, though, before I change my mind, or take a nap under my desk.