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Dead Hedge Fund Manager Who Dated A Guy Named Tiger Had High Cable Bill

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Hedge fund newsletter by day, gay cruising website by night FINalternativesolutions brought Seth Tobias into our lives back in October. You remember him. He’s the guy who:

-Founded Circle T Partners, which is currently returning investors’ money
-Appeared on “Squawk Box” and “Kudlow & Company”
-Was found dead in his Jupiter, FL pool
-Was married to Filomena, who his brothers Samuel, Spence, Scott and Joshua think drugged and drowned him
-Employed a personal assistant named Billy Ash, AKA Mr. Madam, a Ft. Lauderdale-based gay pimp (and esteemed colleague of Heidi Fleiss) who claims Tobias had a drug and alcohol addiction, in addition to a healthy interest in paying for sex, a volatile relationship with his wife (which was a cover for his homosexuality), “many” boyfriends, including an exotic dancer from the local Palm Beach gay club (Cupids) known to friends and clients as Tiger, whose dalliances with Tobias contributed to Filomena’s decision to kill him.

The Tobias brothers and Fil. are currently locked in a legal battle over the deceased’s estate worth $25 million, and a civil complaint has been filed accusing the widow of murder. But what the The New York Times is most interested in is that sweet-sounding club! So they sent wunderkind reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin down to Florida to check it out (and see if he could dig up anything else about the case). As “a flat-screen television blared hard-core gay pornography," here’s what he was able to find on Mr. T.:

- He spent days at the Kentucky Derby and nights at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club
- He hadn’t gone “near a pool” in years
-Outstanding expenses at the time of his death included $52,532 on his American Express Centurion Black Card and $7,960 on his Bank of America credit card. His mortgage payment for one of his homes was $35,000 a month. He paid $1,367 a month to lease a Land Rover. His monthly cable bill from Comcast was $535.19.

Pretty standard-issue stuff, especially the cable bill. Who among us hasn’t said, “Oh, I’ll just order this one movie, it’s cheaper than Blockbuster anyway” and been unable to stop? Mar-a-Lago’s a little downmarket but it outclasses Jimmy Cayne’s nights at the DoubleTree any day. The most glaring finding is the bit about the pool, because it seems to imply Mr. T didn't know how to swim, which is horrifically embarrassing. Though no more embarrassing than getting overcharged by a pool cleaning company for removing what remains of your dead husband. $9,628.00 PLUS INTEREST? That's practically criminal. (Am I killing today or am I killing today? I'm killing today.)
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