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DealBreaker Assignment Desk: Let's Make Becky Quick's Job A Bit Easier

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The last time Becky Quick met with Warren Buffett her arch-rival Erin Burnett started the scurrilous rumor that quick was pregnant by asking why Quick had foregone the champagne on Buffett's private plane. That's the way we remember it anyway.
We immediately went to work following up on the story. And by following-up we mean cutting and pasting a semi-pornographic photoshop job of Quick onto the cover of Portfolio. Oh, we also emailed Quick to ask whether she would confirm the story but she was in China and totally ignored us! It seems that Quick is not in fact pregnant, however. So Erin probably owes her an apology.
For our part we're doing her one better. Tomorrow Quick is meeting with Buffett again. We'd like to make her job a bit easier by providing some questions for her to ask Buffett. In the comments below, please give Quick the list of what you'd like to ask her the tax-dodging Oracle of Omaha. At the end of the day, we'll send her the list of the best questions.