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Dick Grasso And Charlie Gasparino Put Paternity Dispute Behind Them

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Former NYSE chair Dick Grasso recently left a voicemail for Charlie Gasparino. Know what it said? “Happy holidays.” Why did this seemingly innocuous message scare the fuck out of Charlie, who takes no shit or prisoners, and who is known for yelling at/cutting off/berating his colleagues on air (especially Joe Kernen, but let’s face it, that guy has it coming) and leaning so far up into the camera that you feel as though he’s about to grab you by the collar, shove you up against the wall and demand to know where his “fucking money” is*? I don’t know, apparently it has something to do with a book he wrote calling the Grass-man a midget and implying that he has illegitimate children up and down the Eastern Seaboard. “It was a little scary,” Gasparino told Page Six. But looked himself in the mirror and said, “You’re fucking Charlie Gasparino, you don’t take no shit or prisoners, make the call.” And it turned out they “had a perfectly nice conversation.” Don’t you love happy endings between two boys from the old neighborhood?
Thick-skinned [New York Post]
*BTW, we'd like to see more of this dynamic style from CNBC's on air-talent, especially from Trish Regan and Mark Haines, who would be naturals.