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Fed Cuts Rates: Interwebs React

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Reactions to the Fed rate cut came fast and sometimes furious. Here's a quick round-up of the reactions that caught our attention.
FOMC: Voted Most Unpopular David Gaffen, MarketBeat: "The Federal Reserve, essentially, decided to make nobody happy."
Kow-Tow Ka-Bang! Herb Greenberg, on MarketWatch: "By cutting just a quarter of a percent, the Fed showed a sense of responsibility (waiting to see how the consumer really holds up this holiday season) but also gave a sign that it is not kowtowing to Wall Street."
Mr. Market Is Pissed! Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture: "Mr. Market no-likey the no-happy talk."
Real men cut rates! Eddy Elfenbein, Crossing Wall Street: "Frickin wimps."
Yawn. Felix Salmon, Market Movers: "A quarter-point cut isn't enough to stave off recession, if indeed we're headed in that direction, and it's not even enough to stave off expectations for another cut at the next meeting. Meanwhile, Pandit is a dull technocrat who has never achieved very much but who has somehow managed to maneuver his way into the top job at Citigroup."