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Jingle Bell: 12.31.07

(Ed Note: Well, this is it. Another year in the can.) Times Square Ball Goes Green (AP)
Fitting, given the year we've had that this year the big ball will don energy efficient LEDs. The most energy efficient solution would be no ball at all, but obviously that was never going to happen. Of course, compares to the staggering power consumption of TImes Square, the marginal difference of a green New Year' ball is trivial, but it's the message that counts. Altogether, the ball will costs $1.1 million to assemble, which, given the amount of attention and tourism it'll bring in is well worth it.
Tracinda to Take 35% Stake in Delta (WSJ)
Big investment from Kirk Kerkorian in Delta... Delta Petroleum that is. We've never heard of it either, though the 35 percent stake will cost the firm $684 million, representing a 23 percent premium for the shares. A nice finish for the year for Delta (Petroleum) shareholders.
Existing-Home Sales Edged Up In November, but Still Weak (WSJ)
Mainly bad news on the home front, but a tiny dollop of good news, which is pretty rare these days. October sales of existing homes were actually revised up, and November came in ever so slightly above that. We were going to link to Barry Ritholtz with a note saying to check there for the inevitable tear down of these numbers, but alas even he can't totally demolish the report, so it mast be halfway moderately vaguely decent. Still, he gets in some good shots at the NAR.
'National Treasure' holds No. 1 spot (LA Times)
We haven't seen the movie, but the fact that this is dominating the box offices is great news for the future of the Republic. Also great news for the producers, since they've now got a bona fide franchise on their hands. Can't wait for National Treasure 3-6.
As the Ball Drops, Dieting Companies Take Positions Nearby (NYT)
You probably gained a few pounds over the last week or so, no thanks to us, because we weren't keeping your blood pumping as intensely as we usually do. Food also had something to do with it. Anyway, don't let the diet hucksters feed you any nonsense. The key things: Fresh veggies, unadulterated meat and intense weightlifting. Stay off the treadmill and the sugar and you'll be a-okay for the next 11.5 months.
Stocks Lower on Last Day of '07 (AP)
If you're reading this site today, the last thing you need is a link telling you what the market is doing. Hence we're putting this last.

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