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John Edwards and the Mask of OppositionOr, How To Support The Policies Of Big Business While Sounding Like You’re A Rebel

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Tim Carney spends way too much of his time sounding the same theme over and over again: big business loves big government, even though both sides find it convenient to hide the love affair. It’s a shame because his talents* would be much better used if he could focus on a wider array of subjects. Unfortunately, the love affair continues in its not quite open and not nearly notorious enough manner, so he’s stuck with his beat.
This week he’s taking on the pose of John Edwards, the man famous for a very expensive haircut and making speeches about “two Americas.” The gist of his stump speech is that he is a man of the people armed with policies to repair our broken Republic if only the evil forces of business can be overcome. But is big business really so opposed to Edwards’ favorite policies?
Tim reports. You can deride.
The policy: Addressing global warming. His corporate ally: General Electric.
The policy: Universal health care. His corporate allies: Basically, the entire health care sector.
“These big businesses and their lobbyists are backing government takeovers of our energy and health sectors not out of “cowardice” or good will, but out of the profit motive. They have positioned themselves to benefit from big government, and their lobbying is just part of the investment,” Carney writes. “But John Edwards needs to maintain his class-warfare narrative in order to rile the crowds. As long as his supporters and the media don’t check his facts, it might just work.”
Edwardian Reality [National Review]
*Tim Carney is still the brother of John Carney, DealBreaker’s editor.