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Layoffs Watch ’08 Update: Citi CDO In '07

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Specifically today, and apparently “almost everyone” in New York, which we’re told means more than forty. At this time I would like to offer our condolences to the recent unemployed, but move that we use this opportunity to recall that yesterday, I said we needed to get more creative with how people are getting fired. I came up with a few out of the box ideas (“A game of Assassin,” “turn off all the lights for five minutes and let everyone slap whoever they can at will/random. When the lights come on, the people with the reddest faces should be fired,” “something having to do with a lethal strain of syphilis (the rule is it can't be treated)”), then asked you to come up with your own. No one did and today, those poor kids at Citi were probably brought into some random conference room and told how valuable they are but at this time don’t fit into the bottom line blah blah blah while a chick from HR passed out tissues. Who do they have to thank for that run of the mill, nothing special send off? You. And now you have to live with that.
But! There are so many more layoffs to come, and not just at Citi. What I’m saying is, if you don’t want next week's or next month's lame-ass, “you're a valuable asset to the team but management is restructuring the amount of retards they have working for them*” firings on your conscience, get off your asses and do something.
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If We're Going To Do This, Why Not Have Some Fun With It?
*actually, that’s quite good, though unlikely, except at Bear, where they have no regard for the mentally disabled.