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Merry Christmas!

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As Bess Levin noted on Friday, posting will be light this week. We didn't post yesterday despite the half-day for most US exchanges. Frankly we don't get paid enough to work on Christmas eve and our bosses are not Scrooge-y enough to expect us to. Tomorrow we will pick up publishing with a few updates throughout the day from the staff, and we'll continue at that pace until the New Year. If you find yourself working through the holidays just remember that somebody has to work the desk and just resent that that somebody had to be you. We suggest you walk around the hallways, treat the trading floor like a putting green and otherwise act out your I Am Legend fantasies while no one else is around. You, our friends, are legends. At least today. And at least in your minds and ours.
For Thanksgiving, we wrote a guide to working through that national holiday that pretty much applies to all these kind of days. Read it here and remember that we're thinking of you. Please feel free to carry on the discussion in the comments section. Check out the "recent comments" link to the left. Leave news updates, rumors, links and such in comments below.
Merry Christmas, gang. We'll be back soon.