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My Issues, In No Particular Order, With Today's 'Post' Story On Hank Paulson

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1. Too much with the birds. Everyone knows HP is an environment/animal lover, that fact has been shoved down our throats time a-plenty ("Even though his handshake could break all of your fingers, Hank Paulson is a gentle giant who can often be found talking to wood nymphs and catching butterflies" "When you think Hank Paulson, think furry animals, but not in the way you'd think of Lenny and that mouse who met that unfortunate fate" "Hank Paulson loves animals so much that when he engages in bestiality, he doesn't call it "fucking," he calls it "making love.") We get it-- Hank + Animals, Birds Especially = A Match Made In Heaven, If Only Because They Often Mistake Him For A Tree And He Just Doesn't Say Anything. Are birds an integral part of the story? Yes. Paulson has been offered a job as anchor on a new syndicated news services called Bird News Network (BNN), with Laura Bush as a possible co-host. Does that make it okay? No.
2. It contains a painful reminder of that time Paulson SCREWED Jon Corzine. ("Paulson is such an avid birder that he sometimes puts it first on his agenda. For example, he went on a bird-watching expedition in Brazil instead of attending the crucial New York Stock Exchange board meeting during which former head Dick Grasso's controversial pay package was quietly slipped through. Upon Paulson's return from the expedition, he loudly led the charge to oust Grasso." Wonder if Paulson took a similarly-themed journey just before he changed the username and password on JSC's office computer back in '98.)
3. I don't know, that graphic? And the fact that it's HAUNTING? How 'bout that? Yeah, I just have two issues.
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