Peace Offering: "This Is A Value Stock Tip"


You might think you know me but you have no idea. Though it may seem as though I have a heart of stone and soul as black as night, I am a person with feelings who (occasionally) cares when I've hurt others. After my post on Goldman Sachs only having one bathroom, a few 85 Broad employees e-mailed me to express their disappointment in my commentary, and the pain it caused them. (Perhaps later, if you're good, I'll post the messages.) I can offer apologies 'til I'm blue in the face but when it comes down to it, actions speak louder than words. So I offer the offended parties, who were the subject of my ridicule just one hour ago, this olive branch. It is the greatest gift I have to give. The fact that the lips don't match up to the audio track is just an added bonus.