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The Backdating 'Scandal' Is Dealt Another Blow

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The backdating panic of last year appears to have largely deflated. The one big conviction from the much-ballyhooed scandal was Greg Reyes, the former head of Brocade. He was tried and convicted in August on charges of conspiracy and fraud in connection to backdating stock options at his company.
But that conviction now looks doubtful. In today’s New York Times, Andrew Ross Sorkin reveals that one of the prosecutions principal witnesses has said that her testimony was untrue.
The Wall Street Journal, which won a Pulitzer Prize for setting off the backdating panic with its breathless, front-page coverage, has oddly enough not found room for this story anywhere on it’s vast website. Is the Journal’s news team not as enthusiastic about backdating? Or do they not hand out Pulitzer’s for writing about how a scandal fades?
Trial Witness Said to Cast Doubt on Part of Testimony [New York Times]