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The End Of The New York Post Biz Section?

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Is our beloved New York Post business section falling apart?
While the hoity-toity media mavens fretted that Rupert Murdoch would do something awful to their beloved Wall Street Journal—exactly what he was going to do or why he would buy a newspaper just to destroy it was never clear—the more enlightened among us worried about the fate of the business section of the New York Post. Would News Corp cannibalize the Post’s business section to bolster the Journal’s staff? Would they have an interest in keeping afloat two competing business news staffs?

One longtime News Corp watcher told us that he expected the Post to become a kind of farm team for the Journal, a place where junior reporters could hone their talents and prove their worth before being picked to move up to the majors. This would not be the optimal arrangement from a readers perspective—we firmly believe that readers benefit from having as many possible news desks competing with each other for the best stories, scoops and angles—it at least held out the promise that the section wouldn’t be cut down to complete irrelevance.
So it was a bit distressing to read in Jeff Bercovici’s media column over at Portfolio that the Post has recently lost two top reporters, including DealBreaker favorite Roddy Boyd. On the Wall Street beat for years, Boyd has earned respect for his talents at getting stories and his take-no-prisoners approach to the news. Boyd could see right through the usual bait-and-switch and huff-and-puff tactics that investment banks use to bamboozle so many reporters, and trying them on him was almost always a mistake. You didn’t want to be caught trying to pull a fast one on Boyd. Boyd’s not dead of course, he’s just heading to Fortune, where we’ll sure he’ll continue in the style we know and love.
But what of the Post? Janet Whitman is leaving too, to become the US business correspondent for Canada’s National Post. Last week, the former editor of the business section, Dan Colarusso reportedly walked off the job (he’d been working in the Metro section since January). Suzanne Kapner went to Fortune a few months ago.
Who is left? Star magazine editor Sean Gannon is running the section. James Covert has been brought on board from Dow Jones. Zachary Kouwe, who is another ball-breaking shoe-leather reporter in the Boyd tradition, is still hanging on. But things are certainly shaky over at the Post.
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