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The Ladies Love Fake Goldman Trader

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Remember the Craigslist guy from Monday? The one who made exactly $772,000 and was spending Christmas alone. The guy who sounded a bit too American Psycho-ish with his detailed description of his furniture and appliances? Mentioning "custom made oak dresser" and his "viking stove." This one?
Well, guess what? You were right. It's a fake. But it was so brilliantly faked that the author got dozens of responses from women interested in spending the holidays beneath his fifteen foot tall Christmas tree and other outsized objects he mentioned. The author, who writes at a blog called Cajun Boy In the City, has experimented with fake Craigslist in the past but seldom gets responses from women. Until now. Apparently, even bitter, self-centered materialistic guys can get teh attention with women as long as they're hitting the right numbers and work for Goldman Sachs.
So now we're going to send Bess out on a date with the Cajun Boy, as long as he agrees to spend the evening in character.
my holiday gift to you: "fancy being lavished during the holidays?" [Cajun Boy In The City]