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This Wasn't Included In The 'Journal' Takedown Because Why, Exactly?

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Before we send this off into the universe, I would just like to note a few things. First, what we're about to show you is horrifically immature, and if it's meant to be a joke, will probably only succeed in getting our 12 year-old boy readers to laugh, and probably only half of them at that. Second, we've received it from no fewer than twenty people meaning maybe, fingers crossed, I'm not sure in which direction, that it's real. Third, that it's NSFW, unless you work in an environment that's unusually accepting of you watching videos featuring scantily clad old white men. And last, that I believe it to be an impostor who's a good 20 pounds heavier than the real thing. But since I've never seen the big guy without his shirt on, I leave it to you: is this Jimmy Cayne?

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