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Vintage Tracks

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Who: Mario Gabelli, some other industry people
What: Barron's Roundtable Discussion
Where: I don't know, a Sheraton?
When: 23 January 1995
Barron's guy: "Name the most important events of 1994."
Industry people: "Peso devaluation blah blah blah rate hikes blah blah blah."
Gabelli: "The major events of last year, as far as I'm concerned, were Feb. 4, March 14, Nov. 8, Aug. 12, and Oct. 14. On Feb. 4, the Fed hiked interest rates. On March 14 came General Electric's hostile takeover bid for Kemper. That was a big gong sounding for a whole new wave of takeovers -- which I will get into. Nov. 8 was, obviously, when the Republicans came into power. Aug. 12 was the baseball strike. And Oct. 14 was when Pulp Fiction opened."