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With Great Power Comes Some Responsibility, Little To No RESPECT

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You've really got to hand it to Citigroup. No one wanted to touch the the place with a fifty foot pole and when it finally finds a guy who will take the job, it acts as though *it* is too good for *him.* Like *it* had people lined up around the block. Like *it* could barely keep track of the number of people who didn't say they'd sooner die. Like *it* was *beating them off with a stick.* Way to break out the welcome wagon, guys! If you didn't want Pandit to be CEO, you shouldn't have given him the job. Nobody put a gun to your head and said "do it or I'll shoot*." But you did do it, and when you should've been getting behind your pick, you were figuring out ways to make "We'd just like to say that the dude we're about to name as CEO of our company sucks dick! But nevertheless, please welcome him" sound less severe. That'll inspire some confidence in your precipitously declining stock. I can't wait to see what Meredith Whitney's going to do to you. Oh, and congratulations, VP. God only knows why you want this job, but it's not like you could possibly make things any worse (though if any has any office pools going, we want in) so, nice one?
Citigroup Names Pandit CEO [WSJ]
*But if someone were going to do that, who would it be?