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Your Move, 'NYT' Business Section

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Alright, this is surely jumping the gun and I'm probably going to take it back by sooner rather than later (my money's on this afternoon) but right now, what I'm saying is: the new Wall Street Journal rocks, specifically Page One. Yesterday it was an article on an 150 women taking part in an Assassin-inspired game of competitive knitting ("I got the sock. I'm dead."), today it's a piece the trials and tribulations of putting on a good Nativity scene this holiday season, with a particular emphasis on the issue of animals who are stealing the show from their human co-stars with hijinks so hilarious I'm not entirely convinced they were unplanned.
In Mount Laurel, New Jersey, M and J were headed off to Bethlehem to do their thing when the donkey Mary was riding freaked out and took off. Joe jumped on the ass and tried to stop him but fell off, got caught in the reins, and was dragged for several hundred feet. At First United Methodist Church in Tuckerton, NJ, a camel ate the set. In Orange County, California, at the Crystal Cathedral, a donkey stepped on Joseph's foot and broke his toe. At Mount Olives Lutheran church in Mission Viejo, CA, rehearsals got held up for over an hour because two goats were screwing like animals ("They were just acting very inappropriately," Diane Girard, a co-coordinator of the program said. "We had to break it up.").
What does any of this have to do with business? Don't know, don't care. At all. Maybe I'm just a Jew getting into the Christmas spirit, maybe this article just has me fondly thinking about the time Joseph wrestled Larry to the ground and dislodged a pubic hair from his throat that had been stuck in there for days. I don't know what it is. I just know I like it, and want it to continue. (Thinking ahead for the coming year: how to deal with the ignorant fucks (that phrase should be in the lede) who tell you you've "got some schmutz" on your forehead on Ash Wednesday? The deadly sport of Canasta? These are just for instances, nobody's saying they're going to be used, I'm just trying to get a dialogue going, and you know the 'Journal' likes to come around these parts for story ideas, anyway.)
Awry in a Manger: It Takes a Miracle To Stage This Play [WSJ]