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Amaranth Alums: Where Are They Now?

I've long wondered whether or not at one time being employed by Amaranth Advisors would be the professional equivalent of pulling a Merrill e.g. would it make you unemployable (except at Bear Stearns or Think Equity -- the IB equivalent of Frank Stallone)? Apparently the answer is 'no,' but a qualified no, that qualification being that you're neither Brian Hunter nor Nick Maounis. For instance, former AA chief operating officer Charles Winkler recently joined multi-strategy shop Hudson Bay Capital, and the entire investor relations team, which was known for being all sorts of "cheesy hot," found work at Scores (watch for them on "Happy Hour" next week).
Sadly, not everyone has had as much luck as Fonzie and the girls. Though Brian Hunter technically owns his own firm, insiders say that the market manipulator's venture is really just a front to fund legal fees associated with suing various websites for merely sharing his ideas on how he plans to fuck future clients. AA founder Rick Moranis is now in Tampa, trying, unsuccessfully so far, to get a telemarketing firm that defrauds the elderly off the ground. Anyway. I think we all know what time is:

Ex-Amaranth COO Joins N.Y. Multi-Strat Shop [FINalternatives]